10 Reasons Why VW Fans Secretly Long For A Skoda


The Volkswagen Group comprises of VW and several subsidiary companies. One brand that is growing in popularity is Skoda. The Czech vehicle brand became part of the Volkswagen family back in 2000. Ever since then, Skoda’s popularity has soared!

Things haven’t always been rosy for Skoda. The unfortunate truth is that the brand became the butt of many a car enthusiast’s jokes. These days, there is nothing to laugh about when it comes to Skoda cars. They are some of the most reliable, modern and desirable vehicles you could wish to own.

skoda green

You might not think it, but many traditional and loyal Volkswagen owners decide to buy a new car from Skoda. But, what motivates them to do so? In a recent survey with VW enthusiasts, I discovered ten reasons why many secretly long for a Skoda:

  1. They appeal to millennials
    There was once a time where older motorists were the target audience of the Skoda range. Ever since Volkswagen bought the Czech company, its models started appealing to younger drivers.Today, the entire Skoda range appeals to millennials. From the spacious Fabia hatchback to the luxurious and sport Octavia vRS. There is no denying that there’s something for everyone!

    It’s no secret that many cars get sold as a fashion icon. If you want an attractive car, Skoda is up there with the best.


  1. They are a big seller
    Volkswagen is a tough act to follow. For decades, the German car firm has churned out millions of vehicles worldwide. So, how can one of its subsidiary brands like Skoda mirror such success?Well, the truth is Volkswagen have only owned Skoda for 16 years. But, in that short time, they’ve turned the brand around. Today, it’s one of the leading vehicle brands both in Europe and beyond. In fact, you’re likely to see Skodas in many markets where VWs get sold!

    skoda rsBack in 2015, Skoda’s annual sales figures broke the million mark! Plus, the number of cars sold by the brand that year was up by 13% on the previous one.

  2. German engineering input
    For all Volkswagen enthusiasts, one of the chief reasons to long for a Skoda is the engineering input. As you might expect, it gets provided by its parent company.
    It won’t take you long to discover parts inside any modern Skoda that have that famous VW logo stamped on them. So, what does that mean for potential Skoda buyers? Well, they can enjoy the same level of reliability and quality that Volkswagen owners do.
  3. They are plentiful
    The thing about some automotive subsidiary brands is they aren’t always that common. Of course, that doesn’t apply to Skoda. You are likely to find a Skoda for sale wherever you see a Volkswagen.

    skoda rapid 1
    That means you could walk into your nearest RRG Group showroom, for instance, and buy one today. You’ll find them for sale in both franchised and independent dealerships. And, of course, there are many for sale on the private car market
  4. Performance models are cheaper than their VW equivalents
    Volkswagen cars typically hold their value well. It’s for that reason that many people find it hard to find cheaper performance models for sale. Even on the used car market!

    The VW Group is smart. They want to capitalise on the buyers that want a Volkswagen but get put off by the price. They can capture that market through their subsidiary brands, one of them being Skoda.

    Take the Skoda Fabia vRS, for example. It gets built on the same platform as the Volkswagen Polo GTi. You can have the same features and engine performance as the GTi but at a lower price!


  5. They are safe as houses
    People that don’t know much about the Skoda brand assume that its models aren’t as safe as a VW. Here’s the thing: they score well under Euro NCAP crash testing!
    skoda oktavia 1All modern Skoda models feature a plethora of safety features. Examples include multiple airbags, ABS, stability control and more. Don’t forget that Skoda uses Volkswagen’s engineering input. That comes in the form of chassis technology, not just what’s under the bonnet!
  6. All models offer plenty of practicality
    Today’s modern motorist yearns for practical and usable cabin space. Yes, we often carry passengers in our vehicles. But, we also transport all kinds of cargo around from time to time.Even smaller models like the Fabia with its high roof line are practical. Performance and styling aren’t the only reasons why we buy cars!
  7. The design used in today’s models is cutting-edge
    It’s obvious that Volkswagen has a lot of influence on Skoda’s design. You can see as much from the design styling used on its cars post-2000.

    Today’s Volkswagens have sculpted looks and a stance that tells people you mean business. Look at any Skoda model built today and you’ll notice the same thing there too!

    Some people might assume that the similar styling is down to cost-cutting measures. The reality is far from it! In fact, Volkswagen and Skoda share similar styling for one reason. The design works well for VW models. It makes sense to echo that success on all new Skodas!


  8. They look spectacular when modified
    Sure, all current Skoda models look brilliant in their standard guise. But, have you ever seen a modified one? If so, you’ll immediately think how amazing they look!To be honest, one doesn’t need to do much to improve the styling of a modern Skoda. If you want to buy a car that looks awesome even when standard, Skoda is the way to go. Volkswagen owners know that fact, and that’s why many get drawn to the Czech brand


  9. They are reliable
    Last, but not least, VW enthusiasts love the fact they can enjoy German reliability in a Czech car! Skoda owners report few problems with their vehicles. It doesn’t matter how often each model gets driven.Assuming the cars get maintained according to service schedules, they are almost invincible!

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