1978 Volkswagen Golf GLS


Volkswagen Golf GLS is a limited edition and thus only 29 new cars were sold in the year 1978. Luckily, one of our readers laid his hands on this beautiful car. GLS model features a 1 100 dm3 four-cylinder motor and a four-speed gearbox. This is not a luxury car. It belongs to the classic genre. The standards that this car has are rarely found in the modern day Cars. It is a minimal equipped car with a distinguished style.

Talking about the exterior of the 1978 Volkswagen Golf GLS, we would notice that there is classic Golf styling on its body. As per our reader’s feedback, except for skinny 13-inch wheels, suspension and bonnet bra she totally standard. The metal bumpers are really thin to offer any protection against bumps and crash. It is

The interior of the GLS 1500 is spacious. The car featured in the images still has the original brown leather seats. This means the seats need a little care and maintenance to remain in their pristine form. The dashboard features a low profile creating more space in the front.

Thanks to our reader Warren from Nelspruit for sharing the pics!

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