2013 Volkswagen Eos for fresh air fans


Volkswagen is considered a top notch brand when it comes to car production. But this is not the only thing that it’s famous for. With the 2013 Volkswagen Eos, Volkswagen proves to be more than production but of quality as well.

Volkswagen Eos is a convertible car with 2 doors and four seats which is considered as the heir of the Golf Cabriolet. The said model sports an engine which is a 2.0 liter four-cylinder 16-valve DOHC. The powerful engine is turbocharged and inter-cooled which contributes to its capability to operate at its maximum performance. With an automatic transmission which has two clutches, the engine’s power is considerably excellent in terms of performance and speed.

Volkswagen’s Eos is adaptable to what the person wants to have. The Eos can either be a komfort, a lux, executive or sport depending on what kind of car the person wants to have and how much cash he’s willing to pay for the car. With the trimming down strategy, people can afford to buy Eos in different options which will widen the target market of the car and at the same time will give opportunity for people to buy it.

Eos has a touch button which will only take 25 seconds for the car to transform from a coupe to a convertible giving the driver an option for fresh air. In addition to that, what’s apparent is the infusion of high quality technologies in the whole system of the coupe. This is where the trimming down takes effect. There are high tech gadgets and applications which may be present in the sport and executive but will not be in the komfort. With the general output of keyless system and climate control program, Eos is not only elegant but pretty much a comfortable box to drive. In addition to that, safety will never be an issue with the existence of sensor-deployed roll bars and cornering fog lights.

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