2013 Volkswagen Golf GTI: Spy Pics


California’s Death Valley has always been the hot spot for the testing of vehicles of different reputed brands. And recently 2013 Volkswagen Golf GTI was spotted there undergoing testing. Golf has always been my personal favorite for its compactness and family friendly features. The last Golf generation is not yet too old and Volkswagen has already started its research on the next gen Golf which is anticipated to take the Golf to another level. This is the first time ever that 2013 VW Golf GTI is spotted.

The spy pics of the seventh gen Golf reveal the outer look as a wider frame than the sixth gen. However, the whole model would be a rather lowered deferral. The GTI will have the MQB blueprint similar to that of the new Audi A3 and hence it will have reasonable light weight. It will have 3-door configuration and also a five-door version. The next Golf GTI retains the look alike exhaust pipe setup as that of the current model.

Mk7 Golf GTI will feature a turbocharged engine generating power of around 170kW. The Golf GTI was being tested in the California’s Death Valley for extreme weather conditions. GTI as per the German auto maker will be a major turning point for Golf. It will be a combination of eco-friendliness and efficiency. Talking about the efficiency three new cylinders are going to be added to the MK7. The electric model of the Golf is also in pipeline of being tested and VW will most probably commence the production in 2013.

The MK7 is estimated to debut towards the end of 2012, and will go on sale in 2013. For more information keep following and we’ll keep you updated.

Thanks Autoevolution for pics!

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