2013 Volkswagen Scirocco R


2013 Volkswagen Scirocco R

Volkswagen has a treat for all, and it does not step back in pleasing its sports car lovers who demand for a little less practical car with a saucier impression. The Golf hatchback of the German company is not what you are looking for then it has the Scirocco, a sexier and faster model at a cost that many would love to rush for.

The Scirocco R is available at a cost that is quite a lower price but the sad part is that only the ones living in Europe can enjoy buying and riding in it. The model is available for sale only in Europe currently. The car costs, according to the current exchange rates, a price of $58,129, and this is pretty impressive.

The presently available model of the Scirocco is the third generation of the series of which the first and second-generation models were sold in the 1970s and ’80s. This third generation model is named as the Scirocco R with 261-hp with a performance of 60 mph in 5.2 seconds. The model completes 104 mph in just 0.7 second and this record is 0.6 second quicker than the last Golf R.

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