2014 Volkswagen XL1: A real heartthrob


Looking at 2014 Volkswagen XL1, I simply said ‘Wow! Wow! Wow!’ and wondered at its majestic and gorgeous appearance. I was thinking of taking a nap before writing today’s post; but, the moment I saw the pictures of this beauty, I felt my eyes got glued to my computer screen with my mouth open and eyes wide open. The reason is not just the looks of the car, but the fact that this is a diesel hybrid version that promises fuel economy of 261 mpg or about 0.9 liters per 100 kilometers.

2014 Volkswagen XL1 made its world debut at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show on March 5. I feel jealous of those who attended the show and saw it in front of them. VW XL1 seems to be futuristic as one would expect a return trip across the country just on a single tank of fuel. This model doesn’t possess side mirrors as there are reverse-looking cameras for your assistance.

Super-slippery 0.186 coefficient of drag along with a low curb weight (1,752 pounds) and a low center of gravity makes the car use just 8.3 horsepower to sail at a constant speed of 62 mph.

Talking about the power generation in the Volkswagen XL1, an advanced diesel-electric plug-in hybrid system delivers a peak output of 47 horsepower on its own and the electric motor adds an additional 20 kilowatts (26 horsepower) for a compounded output of about 73 horsepower.

The XL1 features angular LED headlights, scissor doors and wheel covers.

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