3 Uncommon Mistakes To Avoid Getting Points Or Losing Your License


We all know that drinking and driving can result in an immediate driving ban, and that speeding will lead to points on our license, but did you know that there are other ways in which you can accrue points or even completely lose your license? Here are three uncommon mistakes that people make which result in them gaining points or losing their license altogether.


If your car has a passenger seat, and three seats in the back then you’re only legally allowed to carry 4 other passengers in your car. These rules are put in place for people’s safety, and if you get caught overloading your car then you could face some hefty fines and possible points on your license. The trunk of your car is not made for someone to be sat inside of, and if you had to perform an emergency stop while someone was in the trunk and not correctly strapped in, it could result in major injury or even death.


If you have to drive a lot of people around and often, then consider getting a car with more seats to prevent any injuries to anyone and also risking yourself as a driver.


Not keeping hands on the wheel

Over time, the rules have changed from the 10 and 2 position on the wheel to the 9 and 3 due to it being easier for drivers to reach necessary switches like the indicator or windscreen wipers. Unless you’re changing gear, or taking one hand off for another reason like turning fog lights on and you’re caught without both hands on the wheel, you could be putting yourself in a situation where you’re fined, given points, or if you’ve managed to get yourself into a dangerous situation doing so, even losing your license.


If you cause an accident from careless driving, you could be liable to face prosecution from a personal injury attorney, and vice versa if you find someone driving distracted against you.

Road rage

Everyone gets road rage from time to time, but this normally means shouting profanities from the safety of your car because another driver has merely avoided a crash with you. Sometimes though, people take road rage to a new extreme and get out of their cars with weapons, or something to damage the person’s car that has annoyed them.


Not only could you risk gaining points or losing your license, but if you damage the other car or even the person driving it, you could risk very hefty fines and even prison time depending on the severity of it. So it’s definitely best to keep your cool in situations like these, rather than putting yourself in the wrong.


Avoiding these three uncommon mistakes that drivers make will ensure that you’re staying as safe as possible on the roads. Remember, driving is a privilege and if you’re not doing it correctly, it could be taken away at any time! Make sure you stay safe while driving!


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