4 Things Only A Dad Can Teach His Son About Cars



For a while, your dad is your greatest hero. You want him to play with you, teach you how to kick a ball, and just be a legendary guy. As you grow up, it’s impossible not to miss the blindingly obvious: he’s just a man. And, as a run of the mill guy, he has his flaws like everyone else. Still, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t have pearls of wisdom he can distribute at a moment’s notice.


Here are four things you should learn from the father figure in your life regarding cars.


How To Haggle


Nowadays, there are online posts which walk you through the process. However, nothing beats watching the main role model in your life twist and turn and end up with a great deal. It’s not the fact he’s good; it’s more that he’s bad. Yet, somehow, your dad will come out driving a new motor with all of the trimmings. Watch out for the classic ‘how much?’ response and the over-the-top gurn as two standard moves. Also, don’t underestimate the art of not saying a word. Whether dads are savvy enough to understand, their silence works wonders in a showroom!


How To Get It Fixed


Driving into a garage and asking for a quote shouldn’t be difficult. But, the guys and girls in the workshop are from a different era. They respect the old school types that look and sound as if they are in the know. Millennials such as you don’t stand a chance with your fancy suit and expensive haircut. Thankfully, dads are from the same generation and understand the auto repair industry. They throw in jargon, scoff at responses and never smile, and you should follow suit. Wiping a bit of dirt on to your work clothes also goes down a treat.


How To Do It Yourself


Bona fide dads won’t teach their sons how to deal with mechanics. Why? It’s because they show their progeny how to fix it without breaking the bank. All fathers, whether they are petrol heads or not, obtain a basic amount of car knowledge over time. So, they can tell the difference between a spark plug and a gasket head. Dads understand how to change the oil or a tyre by the side of the road. A legit parent can even mess around underneath a car with no clue and get it running again. Watch and learn, children, watch and learn.


How To Go Off The Grid


Before the age of sat navs, drivers had to find their way without help from the heavens. Yep, they consulted maps, A-Zs, and even took notice of road markings and signs. You might not think this is necessary any longer, but GPS devices aren’t infallible. If they go offline, you will need a backup plan. Pay particular attention to how he makes quick decisions that come up trumps. Also, listen in when he asks a stranger by the side of the road for ‘directions.’


Are there any pearls of wisdom your dad has offloaded in the past?


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