4 Ways To Change The Colour Of Your Car



Want to change up the colour of your vehicle? There’s more to changing the shade of your vehicle than you may think. Here are four methods you could try out.


Car wrap


A paint job can be costly to get done and even more costly to remove. For those on a budget, there are companies that offer wraps for cars and trucks. Car wraps can be designed to match any colour and texture from matte yellow to glossy white. They can also be an affordable solution for covering up any nips and scratches on your bodywork. Car wrapping is best handled by a professional – whilst it’s easier to fix up a car wrap than a paint job when it goes wrong, you still don’t want to be wasting your money on a bad wrap job.


Urethane paint


When it comes to an actual paint job, many opt for urethane paint. It’s one of the more affordable types of coating and can be easily sprayed over any pre-existing paint without causing a reaction. Urethane paint dries very quickly and doesn’t easily chip like some other paints. You may want to get a professional to apply this paint as it’s highly toxic and can occasionally have flow problems when sprayed on, creating a dodgy finish. Some people don’t like the appearance of urethane paint as it can look a little plastic making it inappropriate on older cars. Others may like it’s smooth texture – on a newer car it may look more fresh and modern.


Acrylic paint


Acrylic is great for those wanting a glossy finish. It’s easy to apply, although you may want to get a professional to put on acrylic enamel paint. Whilst acrylic is popular, it isn’t the most durable of paints. It can fade in the sun and generally doesn’t last long before starting to peel. That said, you generally get what you pay for and some acrylic paints may be more long-lasting against the elements than others.


Metallic paint


Another favourite choice is metallic paint. This is great for classic and modern cars alike and is brilliant for concealing scratches and general wear and tear, bringing an old and rugged vehicle back to life. Many car collectors will opt for metallic paint for its Hollywood sheen – it’s the choice for muscle cars and sports cars. This premium quality comes at a high price, but it most likely will increase the value of your car (dependant on the model of course). You don’t have as many choices of colour when it comes to metallic paint, which is something to consider if you’ve got a certain hue in mind. Also, if your car gets damaged, metallic paint may be hard to reapply without recoating the whole panel. It can often make damage such as scratches and dents difficult to repair too.


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