6 Cars That Incur Zero Road Tax (Including Three Volkswagens!)


vw e-golf

The green revolution has completely enveloped the car world. Car manufacturers are now racing to produce the most efficient cars on the planet. With the introduction of hybrid engines and electric cars, we are entering a new generation of motoring. Although consumer pressure was a big driving factor behind this change, it was also led by governments. Many countries now offer tax breaks and even grants for those who buy green cars. The most fuel efficient cars in the country actually qualify for zero road tax. But are these cars actually any good? We did some digging and found out the answer.


  1. Volkswagen Polo TDi – A quick answer to that question is ‘yes, they are’. Fuel economy and performance are no longer mutually exclusive. The VW Polo is a prime example of that. The car still handles like all the best hatchbacks on the market. It is refined and practical. The Polo is also a great example of how impressive diesel engines have become. There is no hybrid engine or electric motor here. Just a good, clean diesel engine.


  1. Ford Fiesta 1.6 TDCi – Another fantastic diesel engine can be found in the Ford Fiesta. The UK’s best selling car now has another feather in its cap. The 1.6 litre diesel option qualifies for zero road tax thanks to its incredible fuel economy. It’s one of the only Fords at TCH that does and it comes highly recommended. It will reach almost 90mpg and emits only 85g/km of CO2. It’s not exactly fast off the mark, but it will still reach 110mph.


  1. Volkswagen e-Golf – And so we come to the electric options. The e-Golf is Volkswagen’s first foray into electric motoring and it looks set to compete with the big guns. BMW’s i3 is leading the charge here, but the e-Golf might just give it a fight. It’s incredibly efficient, but don’t for a second think that means a compromise on power. It will actually reach 0-30mph half a second faster than its diesel brother.


  1. Nissan Qashqai – Most of the time we associate fuel efficient cars with small city vehicles. We’ve included the Qashqai to prove that this isn’t the case. The Nissan is one of the finest 4x4s on the market and the newest generation qualifies for zero road tax. It has become very popular as a result. Who thought we’d ever be saying that about a ‘gas guzzling’ SUV. It shows that a cleaner future is possible.


  1. Volkswagen Up! – In the last decade, we’ve seen the sharp rise of super mini city cars. They are the tiny, hyper efficient motors that can nip around town and squeeze into parking spots. They’re not particularly powerful, but that’s not what they’re designed for. The VW Up! is our favourite of the lot and the stats speak for themselves. You’ll need the Bluemotion technology version to incur the zero road tax and a fuel economy of 68 mpg.


  1. Skoda Octavia Estate – This is another car that proves that big cars don’t have to be expensive to run. This giant estate is highly fuel efficient, despite its size. Again, it’s a great sign of things to come.

There you have it, folks! Six brilliant cars that are practical, efficient and very cheap to run. Who said fuel economy and performance couldn’t go hand in hand?

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