A Simple Guide To Essential VW Maintenance


The best thing you can do to reduce the possibility of your car breaking down is to keep your VW well maintained and in good condition. You should refer to the cars manufacturer’s service schedule, book and care tips.

As well as getting your car serviced on a regular basis, it is also vital that you keep on top of your vehicle’s maintenance.

For our easy-to-follow guide to simple VW car maintenance, have a read below:

  1. Tyres

Make sure that you are aware of the correct tyre pressure for your car and that you make time to check them every week or so. Make sure to only check the tyre pressures using a high-quality pressure gauge. You can also safely measure your tyre pressures by using an air hose at a petrol station. Keep an eye on how often your tyres need inflating – if one tyre loses air quicker than the others then it may have a slow puncture.

Another simple part of tyre maintenance is to regularly check the tread and condition of your tyres.

If you are buying a used VW car, always make sure to check the tyre tread and condition on the vehicle before purchasing it. To find used cars in Bentonville AR, you can have a look online.

  1. Car toolkit

Have a look in your vehicle’s handbook for information on where the car toolkit is kept. Make sure the tools in the toolkit are in excellent condition, and everything is in place. A good car toolkit should contain a jack and wheel remover tools as a minimum requirement.

If you brought your car second hand, then it might be worth checking with the dealer you bought it from whether your car contains a toolkit. If not, you can always order one off the internet.

Take the time to get to know your cars toolkit and work out how everything works. If you don’t know how each tool works, go online, do some research and watch tutorials.


  1. Check your oil

Failing to regularly check your engine oil can have some severe consequences. So, it is crucial that you check your engine oil at least once every two week, as well as before any long journey. You can use the dipstick to check the oil levels if the levels are too low just refill with a suitable replacement oil.

If you notice that your car is consuming a lot of oil, this can indicate a problem with it, so as a precaution it is advised to book it into a garage for a check.

It is a good idea to have your oil changed each time your car is serviced. Make sure to request an oil change when booking your car in.


  1. Check your water

Make sure to check the engine coolant level at least once a fortnight. Before checking, ensure that the engine is cold.

Make sure to check the amount of antifreeze in your water before the colder winter months. Antifreeze helps to stop the buildup of rust within the cooling system, as well as preventing the coolant from freezing and damaging the car.


  1. Replace your wipers

Your window wipers are vital for allowing you to see during wet weather, so it is important that they are properly maintained.

As your wiper blades wear, they will stop functioning properly and leave the windscreen covered in smears and smudges. For best results, make sure to replace your wiper blades once a year.

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