ABT Sportsline commences schedule for Volkswagen Golf R modification


ABT Sportsline volkswagen golf r
Tuner ABT Sportsline has picked the new Volkswagen Golf R for modifying the vehicle into a full sports model. The tuning company is expected to give the Golf R a complete makeover. The calendar scheduled for modification includes both visual upgrades as well as enhancements in terms of performance.

The aerodynamics kit that the tuning company is offering features things like modified front grille, new mirror caps, a tail-gate add-on spoiler, a pair of headlights covers and a pair of modified side skirts.

As far as the wheels are concerned, there are options available such as CR, DR or ER-C designs. All these designs range from 18 inches to 20 inches length. Additionally, the tuner presents height adjustable suspension kit to further improve the stance of your Golf R. This is done by lowering the front ride height to 40 mm from 10 mm, whereas in the back it is lowered to 45 mm from 20 mm.

In terms of performance, the engine of the hatchback has been twisted to boost the top speed of the vehicle to 186 mph.

Both the ABT Power kit along with the ABT Power S kit has been created for the “New Generation” ABT control unit. Moreover, the tuning company promises maximum reliability along with optimum power.

According to Hans-Jürgen Abt, CEO of ABT Sportsline, “to top our previous uprating to 370 hp, we have not only optimized the ABT Engine Control software but also installed a sport-type catalytic converter.”

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