ABT Spotsline presents 2011-2014 Volkswagen Beetle


The ABT Sportsline’s latest upgrades of VW Beetle Coupe have become the talk of the town in terms of style, performance and handling of this ragtop. Normally this upgrade is sold as a single entity but here you are getting the full ABT kit, which has the capacity to transform a normal looking beetle into a real macho machine.

The best feature of these ABT upgrades is that they can be applied across any engine of VW Beetle coupe and cabriolet model from 2011 to the present. ABT has actually come up with this smart strategy of full-line upgrades option that fits diesel engine or GSR. However, there are a few exceptions of items that have model and year or trim specific fittings. With their years of experience with Volkswagen, ABT knows Beetle well and are capable of personalizing it to the perfection.

For GTI fans this is like a great opportunity as they can drive a fast Beetle. Moreover, the higher seating position and the G-force further supports to allow an enjoyable ride to the proud owner.

Of all the upgrades, the latest gen-style Beetle upgrades from ABT Sportsline have become hugely successful. In fact, this model has been able to recreate some of the freshness of Ragster concept and many aspects of chopped-roof vintage Beetles. Available in black colour, the car possesses the original OEM Volkswagen LED light along with upgrades in wheels and springs.

The upgrade is available with full body kit with graphite bumper accents. These bumpers are placed in the lower air dams, which makes it easy to increase the stance of the car. Besides, you also have the headlight and taillight covers.

The exterior upgrades of the 2011-2014 Volkswagen Beetle by ABT Sportsline are as below:

  • Front Spoiler
  • Headlight Covers
  • Rear Skirt Set
  • License Plate Insert
  • Taillight Covers
  • Complete Wheel Set
  • Valve Caps
  • Suspension Springs

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