Ashveer Phunwasi’s Polo Vivo

Ashveer's VW Polo Vivo

Driving a car for a first ride is one of the most thrilling experiences you go through. This is what Ashveer Phunswasi felt when he drove his car, a Polo Vivo. When he felt its engine roar to life and step on the pedal of his car, the adrenaline simply rushed through his veins like bullets. Nothing made him more excited than the feeling of the first drive.

Phunwasi is a 21 year Olf student of VarsityCollege taking up BA degree course. Driving his Polo Vivo from Sunny Durban, he feels pride of his Vivo with Dastek Unichip in it. The Primaforce exhaust was added in the package along with the viper branch. In addition to that, they lowered the car with H&R springs with the use of Monroe shocks.

There is also a Pioneer double din in Phunwasi’s Polo. Moreover, with a Starsound monoblock of 2400w engine, there is also a Rockford Frostgate P1 in the boot. Lastly, to give the Polo Vivo unique look, the front of the car was wrapped for more protection and a different look which could make it more interesting and catchy in the eye. They made it a point to make the car look more unique compared to other Polo Vivos by putting in car wrappings.

His Polo Vivo is crammed with features and parts that are pretty much affordable which makes it pretty much an eye-catcher for the people who are looking for more economical cars. With an affordable car, Phunwasi was already able to dominate the road with his Polo Vivo feeling confident and proud of the ride he has. Moreover, his car also has modern safety features which not only makes Phunwasi reassure of his safety but also makes him feel confident to drive something as safe as the Polo Vivo.

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