Bibi’s Mk1 Brute


Bibi is a serious competitor on the local drag circuit with his normally aspirated Mk1 Golf , it’s sporting Turbo & Nos Connection and Dicktator stickers as a thanks to the guys that have helped with the car.  It’s one of the fastest cars in the field and it also looks like a show car.  It’s powered by a 2.0 16-valve lump with all the bells and whistles and even more on the side.  It’s using a custom ‘box and so it’s very fast through the gears, faster than most turbo cars.  A combination of high power thanks to a great tune and methanol fuel and a low weigh thanks to it being a Mk1 mean this car has run a time of just 11.6-seconds.  At the last Sport Compact event the car was seen pulling an endo when Bibi slammed it into the wrong gear halfway down the track, luckily there was no damage.  This car sounds insane, on the line when it’s burnout time it sounds like a modified motorbike, the revs pick up in an instant, it’s just brilliant!  Take a close look at the pics to see how a racecar should be built.  That engine bay would win a show & shine competition!

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