Breathing New Life Into A Used Car


There might not be a feeling quite as satisfying as driving home in a brand-new car but, for a lot of people, going used is a much more sensible option. That doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice an enjoyable ride for a sensible one, however. Here, we’re going to take a look at what you should do as soon as you have your new-old car to make it feel like new-new, instead.

The physical

If you haven’t got it inspected already, then that’s your first stop. Many sellers and buyers alike miss aspects of the car that a professional could easily catch. Don’t delay in starting your routine maintenance on the machine, either. All auto technicians state the routine maintenance is the key to keeping your car on the road for a lot longer. If it’s the costs that worry you, there’s plenty of DIY maintenance to learn so that you’re not travelling to the garage more often than you would like. If the car comes with a maintenance logbook, however, it’s smart to follow that. If not to improve the car’s performance, then to help it retain its value better.

The nicks and dents

A lot of cars come with little nicks, dents, and chips that are unsightly and easy for a discerning buyer to notice. They can be a risk of windshield cracks or of rust build-ups. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy a car just because it has a few. Use the lowered cost to fund a windscreen replacement, instead. If it’s a body dent, then depending on its severity, you can fix the dent yourself, often with tools as simple as boiling water and a plunger.


Under the hood

If it’s the drive itself that’s got you down, there’s plenty you can do to improve that, as well. You can make real improvements to how the car feels by making a few small upgrades to the engine. For instance, getting air filters replaced and fitting in an air intake system will make real changes to the horsepower and acceleration of a car. If you feel like getting hands on, then try reducing the car’s weight. Extra seats you don’t need, parts of the dashboard, using disc brakes over traditional. These can all give the car a bit more go.

Make some replacements

There are probably some parts of the car that the previous owner hasn’t replaced in quite some time, too. Changing the oil is essential. If the previous owner didn’t tell you when they last did so, start with that. But there are a lot of little replacements you should make to make the car safer, including the brake pads. Then there are replacement spark plugs which can make your car much less likely to break down and a lot more fuel efficient.

The more you’re willing to work on and replace your used car, the better it’s going to be. It will feel better, drive better, and be much safer to boot.


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