Brendon’s 1974 VW Beetle with some modifications rocking till date


First of all, I would like to complement the reader who shared these pictures with us that he has kept his old 1974 Beetle in a very good condition. It just looks like a new car. He shared his story of 1974 VW Beetle with us.

27-year-old Brendon native of South Africa told us that this car was a father son project started about 9 years ago. They did a ground up restoration on the car removing all the rust. They chopped the roof two inches and dropped the suspension. They installed a 133db sound system in there with two 12 inch pioneer bullets along with a DVD player.

After driving the car with the 1600 Twin port motor for a few months, he thought the performance of the car was unsatisfactory. So, he decided to drop a 13B rotary turbo series 5 Mazda rx7 motor into the mix with the loudest dump valve. It ran 133kw on the wheels. 17 inch racing art rims tucked nicely into the fenders with Michelin rubber keeping it in a straight line. Even though it is originally a 1974 beetle, however, there is not a single standard panel on the car. They closed most of the air vents, replaced the fenders with the older fenders and installed 1949.

Ford taillights and an early model triangle rear windscreen were also added. His father did the body work mods and paintwork mixing colors for this job. The metallic black color with a very faint pearl flip on the sparkles looks great.

Thanks to our reader Brendon for sharing the pics!

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