Bug-In 36 at the Fontana Auto Club Dragway


One of the largest VW shows in the world is on today (1st May 2011) at the Fontana Auto Club Dragway in California, so head on over there if you love Volkswagen cars. All years and models are welcome to participate and there will be voting in the various categories including vintage cars and custom Vdubs. The day will consist of plenty of activities, drag racing, Powder Puff drag racing classes, car shows, and a huge swap meet among other things.

Some of the fastest Vdubs in the world will be there to show off in the various drag racing events throughout the day including the Outlaw Turbo VW, and the Super Stock VW. Some highlights of the event will be the custom Lightening Bug sedan, Chop-Top, and the Schley Brothers Dragster which have both been returned to their 1970’s condition when they first appeared at the Bug-In event.

vw bugin event

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