Building Road Confidence For New Drivers


The time has come, the moment you’ve been working towards you’ve passed your test and it’s an open road. There two types of new learners, ones who can’t wait to jump in the car and is never home for driving everywhere.


The other is fearful of getting into the driving seat on their own without their instructor. New drivers are scared of being on their own on the road without someone more experienced by

their side.


It can take new drivers up to four months to feel confident enough to drive on a motorway and even longer be prepared for long distances.


More new drivers become confused and this is a result of inexperience with poor driving. The best thing to do is to just get out there, even if you venture far. Each day try new routes that won’t bring up situations. Eventually, though  you do have to encounter these situations to improve your confidence.

The only way to be confident is this; keep practicing, this is simple you’ve got your license so you are capable of basic driving. The more you practice the better you get just like anything else in life.


Take any opportunity you can to drive with another driver.  Learning to get used to other people in the care gains experience also, choose people who aren’t loud and noisy. Start out with quiet people who will understand and calm you down in situations should you get nervous. Try starting with someone older who can rectify the mistakes and you can learn from them.


Another issue for a new driver is accidents, whilst you shouldn’t go out with this fear. Other drivers will place the blame on you the minute they find out you are a new driver. If this does arise be prepared to have a personal injury lawyer, never let the other person belittle you for something that could have been avoided.

Force yourself to go to new places, you’ll start to handle new situations and build methods to handling that works for you. Do research and this can prevent the fear of in unfamiliar territory. figure out parking areas and the road layouts.


Little trips are perfect for learning these tricks, it doesn’t have to be hours and hours of driving. It can be something simple as a drive to the beach to grab food. Choosing someone you feel confident with to do these things will slowly increase the confidence to go further afield.


If you feel confident enough to go on a mini road trip with friends or alone read up on what to have in the car and the importance of planning.

In any given situation you feel panicked just focusing on your breathing. When stress sets you panic more, focus on taking deep breaths and take it slow. More importantly, enjoy, the freedom with having a driving license allows you to have. You gain more independence and the road is yours to explore.

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