Why Buying A Used VW Is Better Than New One!


When it comes to car shopping, the newest and sleekest VW models are obviously going to be the attractive ones. The VW Up! is always going to be an ideal model for those starting out with their new car dreams. The thing is, people who walk into the showroom, led by their noses and that intoxicating ‘new car smell’ are about to be smacked in the face by the reality of the prices. The cost of a brand new, unused and undriven car with zero mileage is often twice the cost – and more – of a used option! The new car smell may be a delicious one, but that’s one pricey way to freshen the air.

There are plenty of good reasons to go for a new vehicle, of course. The whole ‘untouched’ element where the car you drive is exclusive to you and no one else is very attractive. As is the fact that you can guarantee the car hasn’t been in an accident, nor has it had multiple repairs on it. These reasons are all wonderful ones that should be considered if you do happen to have the cash to buy a new one up front. But, the focus should be all on the used models and why they can be more cost-effective and friendly on your wallet. You can still buy the trusty VW brand but without the high price tag. And here’s why you should look to the used section:

Money. A huge factor when it comes to buying a car, a used vehicle is going to astronomically cheaper than a new one. If you’re on a budget and cannot manage a monthly finance, then it’ll make perfect sense to buy a used vehicle. It’s also cheaper on the insurance with cheapautoinsurance.co to buy a used car over a new one. New cars depreciate the second that they roll off the forecourt, meaning that the huge wad of cash you’d have just spent on the new vehicle? It’s no longer worth that! You also pay a lot less sales tax on a used car…so there’s always a good reason to go used!

Reliability. Used cars today are far more reliable than those of decades ago. Cars are built to last longer and run better and it’s because of this that you’ll likely find a long service from a used car. Modern cars are built in a way that once they’ve been sold on, they’re almost as good as new for the next owner. There’s no need to panic too much as to whether you’ll be shelling out money on repairs, when the mileage can still be fairly low on the ‘new’ used car you’ve just bought.

Used cars generally trump new cars for owners who don’t mind a little history with their vehicle and are less confident drivers. It’s always more comfortable to scrape a used car than an unbearably expensive one. You don’t have to skimp on quality just because you’re buying used – don’t forget that!


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