Car Body Parts that are Most Likely to be Damaged in an Accident


If you own a car then you will understand the sense of pride that often comes with it. You will also understand how important it is to look after it and maintain it over time. The problem is that accidents do happen and you can’t exactly avoid them. After all, even the most careful of drivers get a few dents and dings now and again.


Hood and Bumper


The hood is easily one of the most commonly-damaged body parts. It doesn’t matter whether you have been in an accident or whether you have bought a car that is used with some damage, because car body repairs are a part of being a car owner. The bumper is also another part of the car that is prone to damage, but thankfully Jeep bumpers and any other car bumper for that matter are very affordable to purchase. It makes sense for the car bumper to take a lot of damage and this is because in most accidents, at least one car is travelling forward. Collisions are not the only way that cars get damaged however, and inattentive driving can easily cause the exact same damages to happen.



Front Doors


If you are driving and someone happens to drive into you from a side lane then it is going to be your front door that takes most of the damage. Rear doors are rarely damaged in accidents and this is because the driver has had more time to see the car if the back door is hit. That being said, front door repairs can be expensive and this is especially the case if the handle or even the locking mechanism is damaged. You can’t really damage your front door extensively without being in a collision but if someone has run into you then it is very easy for you to make a claim on your insurance.





Headlight damages are also commonly seen in car accidents. Even if the headlights were not collided with by another vehicle, they can still experience extensive damage and this is because the shock or the impact of the other car can really shatter the casing. Shards of the casing often span across the entire site of the accident and you may even experience bulb damage as well. This can cause you real issues and it can also cost you in terms of the repair, and this is especially the case if you have a sports car or a more expensive car where the parts are hard to



Of course, if you are involved in a car accident then you will have a lot to think about and even if it wasn’t your fault, sometimes repairs are needed in order to get your car back in top condition. Being careful and attentive on the road is the best way to avoid a collision, but you can’t always prevent them from happening. For this reason, it helps to check the above car parts when assessing the damage after an accident.

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