Check Out Charlie Hartill’s Custom Polo 6R!


On this Reader’s Ride Feature we look at Charlie Hartill, a proud owner of a VW Polo 6R who hails from Bristol in the UK.white-polo-6r-001

Charlie, who is a die-hard Volkswagen lover, works as a technician for VW and he says he has always had love and passion for the brand.

Charlie’s ride is a customized 2011 Polo 6R. And the fact that it came with some R toys didn’t stop the petrol head in Charlie from modifying it. It’s like the modifications are just a stamp of authority, showing that it’s not just a Polo R, but it’s Charlie’s Polo R!

Charlie's Polo 6R

Exterior mods and upgrades include a WRC front bumper, a GTI rear bumper, and a set of OZ Futura three-piece split rims with candy red centers.

Charlie's Polo 6R

The interior on the other hand not only boasts an R-Line flat bottom steering wheel and aluminum pedals, Charlie also threw a Kenwood double din head unit.

Charlie's Polo 6R

Then there’s perhaps the most important upgrades for petrol heads, the performance! While the Polo R rides on coilover suspension and slight rear camber, it also has an induction kit as an engine mod and a custom catback exhaust.

Charlie's Polo 6R

Charlie’s future plans for the whip are an air suspension, wider arches, a spoiler, front splitter, and bi-xenon lights.

We would also like to give a special shout out to Infinity Exhaust and Heritage VW on behalf of Charlie!


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  1. Lifa says

    Nice car!!!
    Where can I get that front bumper?

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