Check out this mid-engine, RWD Mk2 Golf GTI

Image credit: VW Vortex

Image credit: VW Vortex

The Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport S proved that the Golf has mastered the front-wheel-drive segment by breaking the Nürburgring FWD lap record. Now there’s a 1991 Golf GTI that has stepped out of its comfort zone and into the rear-wheel-drive segment. And to make things even more interesting, it’s a mid-engine as well.

This Mk2 GTI has a rebuilt 3.0-litre six-cylinder turbocharged VR6 engine in the middle, meaning it replaces the back seats. Power output was not revealed but whatever numbers it produces are sent to light up the rear wheels via an o2a VR6 transmission.

Image credit: VW Vortex

VW Vortex report that the Rabbit was originally created by a tuning company called Momentum Tuning. It has since then passed through a couple of owners, and even had its body paint changed from red to black, as well as getting a few other modern touches. It then made its way to its current owner, 6vdubbin9, who bought it in 2014 and says that he’s gone over it with a fine tooth comb, it’s been gutted, stripped, rebuilt, and rewired to make it really quick!

According to 6vdubbin9 this GTI is just as keen to burn rubber as it is to disappear from the smoke. He says that the car is willing to hook up and go in any gear. “I’ve forced 1st gear to break loose at 20psi by clutch kicking. But it just wants to go,” he says.

Mid-engine RWD Mk2 VW Golf GTI

Don’t think however, that the RWD Golf is just about straight line performance, its mid-engine layout makes it a weapon to throw around corners as well! “The balance through the turns is absolutely mind blowing,” says 6vdubbin9. “Picture driving a really, really pissed off go kart,” he added.

Some of the modifications done on the project are JE pistons and rods, titanium valve springs, and the o2a VR6 transmission has a Peloquin differential. The exterior has also been spiced up, the car rides on BBS RS 3-piece wheels, it has Datsun ZG flares, and shaved emblems to list a few.

Image credit: VW Vortex

VW Vortex say that the owner, 6vdubbin9, is asking for $20,000 for the mid-engine, RWD Rabbit which can be found in New York. They also say that the price seems to be negotiable, as 6vdubbin9 seems to be looking for someone who will take good care of the car rather than to make a quick buck.

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