Classic advertisement of Volkswagen Polo


Classic car ads always stay in your memory for long. Some of these ads are so simple yet so beautifully done, they form a part of your memory for years to go. One such classic ad that we are discussing here is that of a simple Volkswagen ad that dates back to the early 80s.

Volkswagen has always has strived to create memorable ads for its cars. Like its most other ads, this one is another incredible ad, which is simple but effective. The ad featured young Geoff Capes who was already a celeb during the time and a classic second-generation Polo. The simple ad had no camera trick or gimmickry used. It just featured a plain background with the celebrity and the car.

In the ad, Capes picks up the back end of the Polo while delivering some classic dialogue. He first checks the deeply undersealed floor of the car and drops it back onto the ground. He then walks around to the side and rolls the car onto its roof, before putting it back onto its wheels.

The ad was actually very simple in terms of the finest tradition of VW advertising. Even if we talk about the car, the Mk2 Polo was not considered as the most glamorous car of Volkswagen. But the model was regarded as an honest and no-frills transport for buyers and provided them a strong and small supermini car to last for long.

In terms of equipment, the Mk2 Polo was fitted with a single-speaker stereo with few driving thrills. Additionally, the Polo was cost-effective tor run and was manufactured as a strong model like many other larger models of the German carmaker.

Whatever said and done, the honesty and simplicity of these older model cars is truly appealing as they deliver cheap, non-fussy and durable transport.


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