Cleaning Your Car: Are You Getting It All Wrong?


No one wants to drive around in a dirty car. However, if you wash your vehicle every weekend, and it’s not gleaming as much as you would expect, it could be because you are making a pivotal mistake! A lot of people assume that there is no wrong way to clean their car. It’s easy, right? Well, when you clean your home, you’re cautious about the products you use and the way you go about it, so you don’t damage your furniture or the wall. You need to have this same level of care and caution when it comes to your vehicle. With that in mind, read on to discover some of the main mistakes people make when cleaning their car so that you can avoid them.



  • Waxing too often – Of course, it is important to wax your vehicle, but there is no point in over-applying wax, which is what a lot of car owners do. In most cases, one or two coats of wax will be more than enough to ensure that your paint I protected from any harmful deposits and dirt. If you put on too much wax, you run the risk of over-buffing and simply getting rid of the earlier coats you applied. Not to mention you are wasting product and, therefore, money too!
  • Cleaning your wheels last – For some unknown reason, a lot of people tend to clean their car wheels last. Think about it; your wheels are going to be the dirtiest part of your car most likely. They come into contact with the road the most often after all. Therefore, you risk splashing dirt onto your sparkly paintwork if you leave your rims and tyres until last. Clean them first and then change your water afterward before cleaning the rest of your vehicle.
  • Failing to read product reviews – Simply buying products aimlessly is not advised. Instead, it is a good idea to read reviews online so you can get a good understanding of what cleaning products work and don’t. For example, Test Facts best windshield washer fluid will alert you to 12 of the best product on the market, rated based on a number of different factors. You can find such lists and feedback on all products, from wax to towels. Take advantage of this valuable information.
  • Washing your car in direct sunlight – It can be very tempting to wash your vehicle in direct sunlight. After all, it’s nicer to be outside when the sun is out! However, this is never a good idea. As you apply your wax, polish, shampoo and anything else to the paintwork, it will dry a lot quicker than you are going to be able to buff it or wash it off. This will result in leftover residue, water spots, and smears. The best solution is to park your car in the shade and wait for it cool down before you apply any cleaning products.

So there you have it; four of the critical mistakes that a lot of people are making when cleaning their vehicle. Cut them out, and you will notice a massive difference.  


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