Convincing Ways Cars Have Changed The World For The Better



It can be tough to be a car fanatic in the modern world. It seems there is a never-ending chorus of people wanting to talk cars down, insisting that they pollute, the industries are in crisis, and so on and so forth. The simple reality of just enjoying one of the most significant human engineering achievements is so frequently overlooked – or it was, until now.


It’s time to take a pit stop and refresh the discussion on cars for a little while. There’s no doubt that cars have caused problems, but they have also solved plenty of them as well. In fact, cars have done far better for humanity than the current anti-car rhetoric would have you believe, including…


  1. Cars Have Expanded The World For Disabled People


If you were disabled before the age of cars, then your options for travelling outside of your home town were more than a little bit limited. If you couldn’t ride a horse, then they were totally limited. You would live, work, marry, and die in the same place – not because you necessarily liked it, but because you simply didn’t have the option.


No longer is this the case. Those with disabilities have the world opened up to them, thanks to cars and their adaptations giving them the chance to experience the world as everyone else can.


  1. Cars Have Improved Our Work Options


The average commute is now around 26 minutes, which is as high as it has ever been. While many people in metropolitan areas will primarily travel on public transport to work – in a bid to avoid the congestion on the roads, if nothing else – cars are an essential part of the working world for thousands of people. If people lived in a rural community, they would have had to do whatever work was available to them – now, they can live in their rural setting and work in an urban one, all thanks to the long journeys a personal car can make possible.


  1. Cars Can Be Used To Do Good


Loneliness is a real problem in old age, which when combined with poor mobility can mean that the golden years begin to lose their glimmer. Thanks to thousands of car-related activities however, older people are now able to make the most of their over-70 years. Numerous car schemes exist all over the country, where volunteers help to ferry those who can’t drive to appointments and do their shopping. Then there is the simple fact that you can use a car donation program when you upgrade your vehicle, giving you a way of giving to charity without needing to find spare cash from a strapped budget. Cars can sometimes be the architects of good, not just evil!


So while life as a car fanatic is sometimes treated as something sinister and awful, there is no doubt that the human world is better because of the cars we have brought into it. The next time someone tries to convince you to turn your back on our four-wheeled friends, it might be worth bringing them up on some of the above – and you’ll be able to stop them in their tracks.


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