Details of the 2018 Volkswagen Phaeton sedan emerged


German auto giant, Volkswagen has been busy developing the range-topping second generation of Phaeton sedan. Now a new report has emerged on the web presenting details of the impending sedan and giving us a fairly clear idea of what to expect in the new Phaeton.

The second generation of Phaeton is expected to be fitted with a drivetrain of gasoline-electric plug-in hybrid. The drivetrain comes with a V6 engine and compressed electric motor being connected to a lithium-ion battery pack.

When covering short distances, the electric motor of the Phaeton is capable to power the car on its own. However, as soon as electricity runs down closing the electric motor, the V6 engine starts and work alongside the motor to make the car move by sending 400-horsepower to the wheels.

As per reports, European consumers will be able to buy the sedan with a TDI turbodiesel V8 engine with 450-horsepower along with a powerful W12 mill. However, there is no confirmed news about any of the engines for the United States.

Volkswagen has earlier hinted that the Phaeton second-generation will be equipped with the MLB platform. They also suggested that this platform will also be found under the substitutes for Volkswagen Touareg, Audi A8 and Audi Q7.

Volkswagen Phaeton is supposed to be manufactured with lightweight materials like aluminum so that maximum weight can be cut down of the Sedan.

As per reports from the German Company’s end, the new model of the second-gen Volkswagen is expected to reach the US not before 2018 model year. Moreover, the next Volkswagen Phaeton is expected to start with a base price of approximately $70,000.

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