Diesel Fix Found to Affect Performance

Volkswagen has been cleared to sell fixed diesels in the U.S, but European owners aren't so happy with fixed vehicles

Image credit: Teknikens Varld

The Environment Protection Agency has allowed VW and Audi to sell fixed diesel vehicles in the U.S, this comes after the Volkswagen was banned from selling diesels in the U.S since it admitted to cheating emissions tests in 2015.

While U.S buyers may be happy to have diesel vehicles back in the market, European owners aren’t so thrilled with the diesel fix. There is now some evidence that the diesel fix affects the performance of the vehicle.

Teknikens Varld, a Swedish website, tested 10 cars before and after the fix and found that despite Volkswagen promising that the cars would stay exactly the same as before, performance and fuel economy had decreased in many vehicles. Moreover, some cars actually gained some power after the fix, but they also showed a higher fuel consumption.

The test revealed that the loss of power and torque is as much as 10% on some cats, while others saw a delay in the delivery of the torque, leading to an impression that the vehicle feels weaker.

One of the vehicles tested, an all-wheel drive Volkswagen Passat Alltrack, showed an output of 176HP and 280lb-ft prior to the fix. After the fix though, power went down to only 163 ponies while the torque was reduced to 272lb-ft.

Again it was not only the decrease in power that was found, maximum torque came between 1,500 and 2,300rpm, but the torque curve slopes after the fix. Only 162lb-ft is produced at 1,500rpm. And it isn’t until 1,900rpm that it delivers maximum torque.

According to VW Vortex, this is not the first time European owners reported that the diesel fix affects the performance of their vehicles. It is said that there has been a number of complaints pouring in, with some owners saying the fix ruined their cars.

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