Donovan Tompsett’s 1988 Citi Golf Modified in Orange Throttle MK1


After a long time, it is time for a reader’s ride. Donovan Tompsett from JHB has shared the pictures of his 1988 Citi Golf modified in Orange Throttle MK1. Our reader has performed a huge transformation on the car. He re-sprayed the car in an Orange pearl with extra gold flake color.

Talking about the doors, Tompsett has replaced the original doors with a 2008 velociti right round. The features of this modified car include 17 inch twin step bbs rs with dunlop sp7000d stretched rubber, 40/60 drop suspension, and a badge less grill with single crystal headlights. At the back of the car GT velociti taillights complement the look of the car.

Coming to the interior section, we can see that the inside has also been treated to a velociti transformation, with change of carpets, seats, roof lining, door panels, dash and wiring harness.

Tompsett has performed a major update in the engine from a 1.3 to a 1.8 8v. He worked upon the VW challenge class A Golf head and converted it to a solid lifter. Performing some more tweaks including strengthening of pressure plate with button clutch, custom built gear box and a lot more, Tompsett has given a new life to the vehicle.

Thanks to our reader  Donovan Tompsett  for sharing the pics and story!

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