Dr Harald Ludanek becomes new board member as Technical Development at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles brand in Hannover

Dr Harald Ludanek

Dr Harald Ludanek

The Volkswagen company continues to recruit and reshuffle members within the team. Dr Harald Ludanek (57) who has been a member of the Scania Executive Board serving as Executive Vice President, assuming responsibility as Head of Research and Development, is now a successor to Hans Joachim Rothenpieler (58), who commenced as Head of Quality Assurance in the Volkswagen Group on 15 February 2016, he had been in service since July 2014.

Dr Eckhard Schalz, who is the Chairman of Board of Management of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles brand expresses his thrill of the new Board Member and briefly stipulates his new duties: “We are delighted to have gained another experienced expert for this division in Dr Harald Ludanek. He will be responsible for the continuing development of our brand, our models and hence for a coherent strategic approach to automotive issues for the future. These include electric mobility, autonomous driving and the intelligent networking of different means of transport.”

Dr Ludanek possesses a PhD in mechanical engineering and has now been with the Group for twenty-four years. He began his professional career at Volkswagen researching special gear units and transmission technology, with functions including head of Group development coordination. Dr Ludanek was then appointed as Member of the Board of Directors for Technical Development at SKODA in 2002 and remained in service for five years. Subsequently, he became responsible for total vehicle development and prototype construction at Volkswagen. Dr Ludanek has been in service in head of research and development as Executive Board Member of Scania CVAB in Södertälje since 2012.

The chairman of Board of Management, Dr Scholz, also expressed gratitude to Rothenpieler on behalf of the Management Board for his service at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles: “Hans Joachim Rothenpieler had an outstanding comprehension of how to position Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles with top quality products. During his time as Head of Development both the sixth generation T-series and the new Caddy with wide-ranging technical innovations were launched.”

Rothenpieler has a degree in mechanical engineering and has been in the Group since 1986. From 1994, Rothenpieler held a number of senior management positions in development at the SKODA, Bentley and Volkswagen Passenger Cars brands. He was appointed as head of quality assurance at Volkswagen AG in 2007 and then became board of management spokesman and managing director for engineering at Volkswagen Sachsen GmbH in 2010. Rothenpieler has been in service as Brand Manager for Technical Development at the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Brand for two years as he commenced in 2014.

Hans Joachim Rothenpieler (58)

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