For the first time ever, VW Group tops 7 million sales in the first three quarters of a year



Despite continued problems in the European market, the VW Group saw huge success by hitting a 7 million sales mark in the first three quarters of 2013.

This is for the first time that Volkswagen has set a sales record exceeding 7 million during the first nine months of a year starting from January through September.

According to Volkswagen Group Board Member for Sales, Christian Klingler, “Thanks to a broad-based, international positioning and a convincing product range we were able to respond well to the continuing uncertainty in the Eurozone and the challenging overall market situation – and have thus been able to win many customers for our attractive models.”

On one hand, the Volkswagen Group sales had fallen 2.4 percent in Europe with 2.73 million deliveries and it was 9.4 percent down in South America with 681,200 deliveries.

Conversely, the sales of the Group were reported to increase 9.2 percent in North America with 664,500 sales and 16 percent in Asia–Pacific region with 2.63 million sales.

In fact, China alone had seen 2.35 million sales in cars manufactured by the VW Group in the first nine months of 2013. This reportedly is an increase of 17.7 percent as compared to the sales last year during the same period.

As a brand Volkswagen achieved a 3.6 percent rise in global sales with a total of 4.36 million sales of its cars. Audi reported a 7.6 percent increase in sales with 1.18 million deliveries, whereas Porsche, which became a member of VW Group in 2012, sold 119,700 cars.

Skoda, on the other hand, went down 4.5 percent with 684,900 deliveries while Seat picked up its sales by 11.7 percent with 266,100 deliveries of cars.

In terms of top models, the commercial vehicles division of VW Group passed 406,600 models to customers across world. However, the number was 0.7 percent less as compared to last year.

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