Freek’s N/A Scirocco Streetcar


Freek du Preez is no stranger to Volkswagens, he runs a tuning company called F&S Performance that makes these cars stupid fast.  He’s known for his Mk1 racecar that blitzes the quarter mile in a mere 12.5-seconds.  Yes, that’s normally aspirated, so you can imagine what kind of power the little Mk1 was making.  Running on a 2.0 16-valve lump with throttles and a pretty serious compression ratio are the basics I can tell you about the setup, the rest is a secret unless you become a client of course.  A mate of his had this Scirocco (that has quite a history, it used to belong to tuner Johan Kromhout a few years back and had a 20-valve turbo lump) and offered it to him for a good price.  The deal was sort of forgotten until he saw the car in Decmeber and he brought it back from holiday with him.  Since then, he’s been working on the car in his spare time, and only just managed to get it sorted for Sport Compact’s first round.  He transplanted everything from the Mk1 into this car, suspension included.  Freek says the car still needs new paint, but he’ll do that when he has the time.  For now it’s street legal, it has a Mk2 GTi dash and clocks in and it’s fast.  Freek himself was surprised with the car.  On the first run out with hard tyres, no suspension setup and a body thats clearly heavier than a Mk1, it ran a 12.7-second run!  We’ll be keeping an eye on Freek’s new F&S Performance Scirocco for you…

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