Friday Vdub Fail: Flat as a Vancake!


It’s claimed that the Vancake is the lowest Volkswagen Kombi in the world.  I think some mad people in the States may disagree, there’s probably a few more that side of the world.  This VW Vancake was originally a VW Kamper, but thanks to some pretty weird modifying, it now measures a paltry 3 feet tall.  The Vancake is apparently still street legal according to designers Just Kampers where madman Andy Saunders created this thing in a mere three days.  The work was carried out during the Bug Jam festival at the UK’s Santa Pod Raceway a while back.  They removed the roof but still added an electric sunroof, they also re-sprayed the creation.  Is it cool?  No, not until you can tell what purpose it serves besides a “Hey, look at me!” reaction.

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