The Frugal Car Owner’s Guide


One of the most expensive things we can own is any type of car. We need to buy gas to fill the tank up so we can get anywhere, we need to insure the vehicle so that we are financially covered in the event of a road traffic accident. We need to pay to clean the car and for general maintenance of the vehicle, so it doesn’t break or rust. Of course, we need to buy the car and that can be pretty expensive as well.


Still, there are plenty of ways you can be frugal in regards to your car ownership. Even when it comes to buying your new ride.

Buying a car isn’t really a ‘frugal’ matter – but you can still save a lot of money on car ownership. Some owners prefer to lease or rent cars which can save a lot of money on payment plans or interest. Others are limited with their cash, so they do buy used cars. It depends on what you can afford really. Buying newer is the best bet for quality, though. The ‘cash for cars’ movement has risen the prices of used cars now, and a lot of used cars do experience mechanical problems and issues which can create a lot of cost in the long run which will obviously make the frugal choice of a used car a lot more expensive than planned. What’s more, if you are looking to buy a car because you need a car – you’re going to find it a lot tougher to find a good deal as time will also be a factor on any sale.


One of the first things you can do as a car-owner to start driving frugally is to stop using it. You don’t need to use your car on every job that needs doing. For example, if you need to collect groceries but can walk to the store – do it. Better yet, collect the groceries while using the car – not using the car just to collect groceries. Only use the car when it needs to be used so you can save the petrol money for a task that truly requires the use of your car. Keeping a lighter and cleaner car is also a good option as weight adds to the usage of fuel. The heavier the vehicle, the more fuel that is required to move the vehicle. This might make you think twice about constantly storing coats and luggage in the car when they are not needed. Even driving at a polite and lower speed will ensure you are a frugal car owner. If your car is driving above fifty, it won’t be using fuel as efficient – what’s more, it’s a bit safer. Driving at a lower speed also reduces your risk of an accident or a speeding ticket. Driving at a lower speed will save you money.


Some really basic maintenance that won’t cost you a lot of money is also key. Especially with air filters and tires. Firstly, with the tires make sure they are pumped up and have an air pressure level that meets the manufacturer’s recommendation. This ensures that the tires don’t hamper the fuel efficiency of your car. It’s also super easy to check and air can be pumped in at gas stations for low cost. A tiny bit more of an advanced level will see you look at the air filter as well. The air filter operates as the lungs of the car and ensures it runs well. If you keep the air filter in good condition, your car will improve its fuel efficiency. Air filter care can be done monthly and takes minutes to clean; you can also replace it entirely. Finally, it really is worth checking two things with insurers. Firstly, you might want to see if your policy is suitable and compare it other car insurance providers with sites like Money Expert. Chances are that you might find a better policy. The second thing to check for is the annual mileage of your current insurance policy – compare it to your actual mileage, and you may very well be able to qualify for a reduction in insurance premiums if your mileage is lower. If you do start driving frugally and using the car less, this will happen naturally, so do keep an eye on it.


Of course, if you can take your maintenance skills up a notch, you’ll be able to save a lot more money in the long run.If you maintain every aspect of your car on a monthly basis instead of letting the car degrade, you’ll be a lot better off than if you let issues build up. Serious car issues can cost a bomb to fix, or cause worse issues that can cost even more! Take the tires of the car for example. If your tires are worn, they create a bigger chance for your car to slip and slide. If your car skids because of worn tires, you could crash and the repair costs will cost a lot more than a set of new tires, or even just a tire inflation. In fact, if your car is a write-off, you’ll have to buy a new one. A world more expensive than simple tires. That goes for nearly every part of the car – a upgrade or slight maintenance of a part is going to cost a lot less than a replacement or the damages caused by a faulty part. Another example is an oil change.


Changing the oil is cheap and should be done often to enhance the engine lubrication qualities of the oil as well as prevent the spread of dirt around the inner workings by grimy oil. Dirty engines are likely to fail due to the build up of friction and do you know what costs a world cheaper than a new engine block? An oil change. One of the best ways that you can be frugal is by taking charge of your cars maintenance.


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