Funny Volkswagen Side Assist Commercial


Advertising and promoting one of the unique and impressive features, i.e., VW’s Side Assist technology through a very funny commercial, Volkswagen is actually attracting more of the audiences and buyers towards it. Taking help of a funny concept displayed through an ad in which the bearded man appears from nowhere on the immediate back of a person who was shaving standing in front of a mirror, the German company of car manufacturing is actually acting smart in arousing curiosity amongst its fans.

The motto behind the production of this funny video is actually not to render humor to the audiences. Rather VW is trying to divert the audiences towards knowing more about its Side Assist technology which will let the driver of the VW enjoy a unique facility. As it is known to every driver that there use to be a blind spot while driving a car as the rearview mirrors cannot show the car which is driving immediate next to his car, so this technology is going to help them a lot in safe and smooth driving.

In the Side Assist technology, the driver driving the VW will be informed by the blink of a light in the exterior mirror on the side in question. For example, if there is a vehicle in the left blind spot of the VW, then the light in the left exterior mirror will blink to alert the driver the presence of a vehicle. There are 2 radar systems at the rear scan the areas of the vehicle which will be able to trace the vehicle driving next up to around 50 meters behind and once a vehicle is traced, the light will blink.

As the vehicle driving in the blind spot is often being missed by the driver and when it suddenly comes into notice, the driver cannot resist shocking, the very important message is being disseminated through this funny commercial video flashing the message “Beware of the biker that comes from nowhere.”


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