Greenpeace won over Lucasfilm and Youtube over parody ad


Greenpeace the leading campaigning organization has coup d’état the battle of internet freedom over Lucasfilm and Youtube. A Greenpeace spoof of Volkswagen’s popular “The Force” ad was hauled by YouTube because of a copyright claim by LucasFilm. Furthermore, a link to the burlesque on Greenpeace International’s website was up as is another parody called “VW: The Dark Side Episode II” concluding with the line “Together we can turn VW away from the Dark Side.”

Greenpeace launched a defy notification through YouTube’s website as a protest against the expurgation of the film. Greenpeace shared its anger through a blog post stating that they found it bizarre that the ad would be taken down just in three days while many of the other spoofs of the same Volkswagen advert remained untouched.

But now wining over Lucasfilm and youtube makes them feel great as the video is put back on you tube. Greenpeace is claiming of over more than 2 million viewers of this advert.

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