He’s back! Nico’s Romanian Vdub rides.


You’ve seen his local VW, now have a look at Nico’s international VWs.  He tells us: “My cars in Romania are a 1991 Wolfsburg edition GTi 16-valve that’s been fully respraye.  I still have to fit the widened 15” OZ turbo split wheels, it is on coilies though.  It has a Recaro Edition One electric interior.  I also swapped in an ABF for good measure and the list goes on and on…  My daily in Romania is a 1985 8-valve GTi, it still has original paint and bodywork.

The car is running Koni suspension and some 15” Equip wheels with 165/50 tyres and 25mm spacers at the rear to have a bit of poke. Other than that I’ve tried to keep it as standard as possible and just concentrated on maintenance to keep it running well”.

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