The Hidden Costs of Owning a Luxury VW


Owning a luxury VW is something that many car owners dream of. Whether it’s a new VW CC sports coupe or a premium VW SUV like the Touareg, there are many hidden costs attached to the already hefty price tags to these beautiful machines. To help you avoid nasty surprises, here are some of the biggest concerns for new car buyers—just don’t expect to save up for a car and then happily drive away on the same day.


The costs involved with getting a new luxury VW can be intimidating, but thanks to bad credit car finance services it’s a dream that can be attained by almost anyone. One of the most expensive things in addition to the car itself is insurance. This already costs a ton of money when it comes to regular cars, but as you’d expect it costs even more to insure an expensive luxury car. It makes sense after all, because the car is worth more so the insurance should also be more pricey, but many new car owners don’t take this into consideration when they’re buying a vehicle and they’re surprised to find out they have to shell out more money just to take the car home. It’s a necessary cost, however, because the last thing you want is to damage your new luxury VW and have no means of repairing it besides paying excessive amounts at an auto shop.


Speaking of repairs, have you seen the cost of replacing expensive parts? They aren’t pricey for no reason! Luxury cars are created with a delicate touch and as a result, their parts are equally as delicate. Don’t expect to bump into another car and have your car survive as well as a VW SUV does—they just aren’t built to sustain damage, they’re built to look nice and feel great to drive. Not only is the outside of the vehicle a pain to repair, but the inside electronics and systems can also be easily damaged and require regular maintenance. High-end car dealers are also prone to charging more money for repairs because of their brand name, so make sure you drive safely!


Luxury VWs usually have powerful engines that are designed more for power and performance as opposed to fuel economy. Unless the model of VW you buy is specifically designed to be economical, then you’re going to be in for a surprise when you realise how little mileage you can get from a full tank. Make sure you consider the cost of fuel for your new VW and check out online reviews if you’re curious about how much mileage you can get.


As mentioned in the repairs section, maintenance for a luxury VW can get very pricey. Many luxury cars use specially designed parts such as tires and inner electronics that aren’t present in other vehicles. This means that you’ll need to take care of these special parts if you don’t want to spend too much money on replacing or maintaining those parts. These parts tend to be a little more fragile as well (unless you’re investing in a VW SUV) which can make them expensive to maintain. You might end up spending more money on maintaining a car than actually driving it if you aren’t careful.

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