Ignorance Is NOT Bliss When It Comes To Our Cars…


We think we are caring enough about our precious vehicles, we clean the car, we check the oil, and we top up the water. We do what we can to care for our precious babies, but sometimes that’s not enough. While we do what we think is enough, there are some things that we are all guilty of, that we do on a regular basis. Little issues that we constantly ignore, which can cause a lot of problems down the road. So let’s have a look.


The Weight Capacity

If we are moving items from point A to point B, we may think nothing about overloading a car with as much as is humanly possible, but this is very dangerous for the suspension. Granted, a lot of us leave items in the boot, such as wheelchairs or golf clubs, anything that is a little bit of a hassle to keep taking out of the boot and back to the house. And these are okay, they won’t affect the weight capacity all the suspension too much, but it can affect the fuel economy of the car over time, this is something to be aware of.


Hitting Potholes

Sometimes we aren’t paying that much attention to the road, and we may see a pothole at the last possible second, so it’s too late to make a proper swerve around the offending pothole. But, it is one of the more common reasons for a car accident, and if you do hit potholes of a sizable depth over time, this can upset the wheel balancing, as well as the tracking so this may mean your car starts to veer in a different direction, but only slightly.


The Age Of The Car

This can be something that we can ignore if we think we’re keeping the car in a great condition. However, how is the condition of the engine underneath? No matter how old the car is, sometimes there is a point where it starts to make that inevitable decline into old age. Something like rust is an issue we can prevent, but if we leave it for long enough, the car will completely rust over, and they will be major problems for the engine, such as it falling out! So, if you find yourself at this point you may want to start thinking about renting a car to tide you over, there are places like Legacy Car Rental that can give you a good example of various types of cars, and what you can do to keep them in good condition. It also helps if you are renting a car, it gives you a good idea of what type of car you would like to purchase next. Sometimes our cars are too old, and there’s nothing you can do about it.



The Warning Lights

Face it, we’ve all ignored this at some point, in the hope that the next time you get back in the car, the light will have disappeared. And although it may have disappeared, this is a very dangerous thing; it will have an impact on every aspect of your car, from the engine, to the braking system, to the airbag, as well as the oil pressure and cooling systems. Do not ignore the warning light, whatever you do!


Ignorance is bliss, but ignore these aspects of your car at your peril!


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