Introducing the Fuel Efficient Volkswagen Sharan MPV


If you want to get a fuel efficient minivan, then you should think about the new VW Sharan MPV, which comes with 2 direct injection TSI gasoline engines and 2 TDI diesel engines. They are up to 21 percent more fuel efficient than the old models, and larger too.

The TDI models will be fitted with a Selective Catalytic Reduction system which is part of the exhaust after-treatment. This will convert nitrogen oxides in the exhaust stream into nitrogen and water, with the help of AdBlue.

Three classes of the VW Sharan will be available, namely the Trendline (basic version), the Comfortline, and the Highline being the most exclusive option. You will be able to choose from 9 different colors, and features include semi automatic climate control, a radio and CD system, 7 airbags, ESP, and self sealing mobility tires, all in the base option. The new Volkswagen Sharan is being manufactured in Portugal for 2011. 

volkswagen sharan 2011

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