Katy Perry Sings at the Launch of the New VW Jetta in the US


Volkswagen is the largest auto manufacturer in the world at the moment, but has yet been unable to move up in the ranks in the US, currently ranked 8th in US sales. VW hopes that the new, more affordable, compact 2011 VW Jetta will improve on this position. The launch party was held in Times Square with live billboards and Katy Perry singing her best hits from the hood of the new VW Jetta including “I Kissed a Girl” and “California Girls”.

The event comes in the wake of the announcement of a new VW to be introduced into the US market which will replace the Passat and is set to be built at a new Tennessee plant (the name of this new model is still to be decided). With these two additions to the US car market, Volkswagen hopes that it will become more mainstream in America.

VW Jetta Launch US

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