Keep Your Classic VW In Top Condition By Following These Useful Tips


Many people have a love for classic Volkswagen cars. Examples include the classic Beetle right through to the mk1 Golf GTi. I’ve always been a VW enthusiast and have owned several classic models in the past myself (before running out of garage space)!

If you own a classic VW, you’ll know that there are some things you need to do to keep your car looking and working in tip-top condition. But what are those things? To help you focus on the essentials, today’s blog post will give you some hints and tips. Here is what you need to know:



Drive your car every week

Some classic Volkswagen owners only drive their cars on special occasions such as for car shows and events. Spending as little time as possible driving your car is the worst thing you can do!

Cars are mechanical devices to all intents and purposes. If you don’t use them often, parts start to wear out quicker than they should. And you know what that means, right? You’re going to have to spend more money fixing your car than you need to!

But if you drive your classic VW on a weekly basis, you will lower those premature part failure risks. Some people use their VWs as daily drivers, but you don’t need to. Driving your car just once or twice a week is good enough to keep everything ticking over.


Buy an eco-friendly car for everyday use

If you decide to drive your classic VW every day, what will you do if the car breaks down on your commute to work or when you’re miles away from home?

I recommend that you have an eco-friendly car to use as their daily driver. When I had an old mk2 Golf, I decided to buy a cheap little Toyota Yaris from Inchcape Toyota. I know it’s not a Volkswagen, but it was cheap to buy and cost me little to maintain and keep on the road. It also had a small engine which mean fewer CO2 emissions.


Give your classic VW a regular service

Have you got money burning a hole in your pocket? If not, I recommend performing DIY servicing at home on your classic Volkswagen car. Parts are affordable and easy to come across.

You’ll have the satisfaction of knowing you can carry out  mechanical tasks for free, saving on labor costs from auto shops! The benefit of doing regular services on your classic VW is that you can identify any potential problems. You can then fix them before they become big and expensive ones!


Charge the battery when you need to

Are you going away on vacation for a few weeks? If so, I recommend buying a trickle charger for your VW’s battery. That way, you won’t come home to a flat battery, and you won’t have to panic about how you’re going to sort the problem out!

Things like alarm systems can use a lot of power when you’re not driving the car. So it’s important that your battery is charged and ready for you when you need to start your old boy/girl up!

Thanks for reading. See you later!

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