Love Cars? Then You Might Love Their Two-Wheel Cousins…


Now it’s true: it would take something pretty special to make us give up our beloved automobile. However, it’s possible to love more than one type of machine, and if you’re crazy about cars, then in all likelihood you’d also love to spend some time on a motorcycle. While the two-wheeler most definitely won’t replace your car anytime soon, they are a fun option to have, especially on the blue sky sunny afternoons. Below, we take a look at the essential things you need to know before you become a biker.


Getting on the Bike


There’s one handy piece of information about motorbikes: they’re nowhere near as difficult to operate as cars are, and let’s be honest…cars aren’t that difficult to operate! However, like riding a bike, there’ll still be a period when you’re unsteady on two wheels, so make sure you take enough lessons to ensure you feel confident on the road. It’s about more than just getting your license: it’s about making sure that you’re able to be fully in control of your motorbike when you’re all in conditions.


Your First Motorcycle


Speak to any biker about motorcycles and, well, you’ll have to make yourself comfortable because they won’t stop talking! Like with cars, there’s an endless selection of motorbikes you could buy. However, for your first bike, it’s better to ignore all the advice and go for something that’s cheap and reliable. It’ll be more than possible to buy a fast, powerful bike, but as it’s your first, that won’t be recommended. Stick to the slower options for now: you’ll always be able to upgrade in six months or so when you know that you can handle something more powerful.


Get Your Safety in Check


Motorcycles are a lot of fun, but there’s denying that they can also be dangerous, more dangerous than cars, just by the simple virtue of their smaller size. As such, it’s imperative that you take all the safety precautions before you get on the saddle. You can buy cheap motorcycle helmets that are also high quality, so they should be your first concern. It’s also important that you have all the right clothing, and sufficient motorcycle insurance so that you’re protected just in case something does go wrong.


Out on the Open Road


Once you’ve got your license, bike, and safety issues taken care of, it’s time to start doing what you wanted all along: having fun! For your first few trips on the bike, it’ll be better to pick destinations that are easy to navigate, and which won’t be quiet. You don’t want to be caught up in traffic! Become a Sunday rider – when there are much fewer cars on the road – until you know what you’re doing.


In the Club


You’ll notice something else pretty cool when you’ve got a motorbike: you’re granted access to a special club! People love talking shop with fellow riders, so don’t be surprised if you’re having more conversations with friendly strangers from now on.


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