Magical Maintenance Tips That Will Help Your VW Last for Years


We all love our Volkswagen’s, and we all wish they would last us years. Well, if you follow these maintenance tips they’ll last even longer than you might think.

Store it in the Winter

A lot of people get problems with their cars because they store them wrong in the winter. So, to avoid this you need to make sure you store yours correctly. This means doing little bits and pieces to the car every day to make sure it runs well. You need to try to store it in the garage if possible. You should try to keep your engine running for around 10 minutes each morning before driving away. This gets your Volkswagen warmed up and roadworthy.


Buy Spare Parts

One of the best ways to help you look after your VW is to stockpile spare parts. You can buy used spare parts from a number of online resources. You can use these to make repairs and changes to the vehicle when necessary. Make sure you do a bit of research, so you understand how the car works. Then you can replace parts that break down. This will save you money, and teach you valuable skills. You just need to remember that some jobs will be too much for you. And that’s when you need the professionals.


Take it For Regular Checks

The key to successful and sensible maintenance is making sure you take your Volkswagen for regular checks. There will some bits you’ll be able to do yourself, of course. But there will be a lot of work that will require experts to be involved. So you need to make sure you get in contact with an MOT tester. They will be able to test all aspects of the vehicle. This will uncover any problems with the car, and they will get fixed. By getting experts involved you keep the car in working order. And you save yourself money having to deal with big repair jobs.


Drive With Care

It’s important to make sure you drive your car with care at all times. You need to understand that cars are fragile creatures. They are susceptible to wear and tear at the best of times. They are also prone to damage when they’re out in the elements. So you need to make sure you drive with care when you’re out on the roads. Whenever the weather conditions are extreme, you’ve got to be extra vigilant. That means that in the winter or the hot summer you need to take care on the roads. There will be a higher risk of accidents, but the car may pick up other forms of damage too.


Treat it With Respect

Above all, you need to make sure you treat your VW with the respect it deserves. If you want it to look after you in the future, you need to do the same now. This means driving with care and keeping the vehicle stored properly. It means you need to clean and wash it on a regular basis. All these things will help to preserve the car, and it will last longer. This is the goal when it comes to long-term preservation.



You need to understand that your Volkswagen is a machine, and it should be treated with care. It’s important to look after your cars so that they last as long as possible. You need to come up with maintenance ideas to help the car keep running. Have a think about the tips on this post, and see how many you can use.

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