Making Sure That Used Car Isn’t Secretly A Really Bad Deal


Nowadays, the wide breadth of options available in getting a car means that few people truly get new cars anymore. If you want a deal on a better car, then you might look into leasing. But if you really want to own it, then it’s more likely you’ll buy used. But buying used requires a bit of care. There are a few options to think about before jumping on what looks like a great deal.


The record
If this is your first time buying a new car, then this is the one piece of advice you need to remember at all times. If it doesn’t have a full service history, you should consider skipping it entirely. You might be able to get up to 20% off the asking price on discovering the lack of that record, but you’re also buying a car you’re not sure you can rely on.

The inspection
Even if the car has its full history, you want to make sure that nothing is out of place. For instance, the occasional dealer or seller has been found guilty of faking a service history. So you want a more thorough check. Never buy a car that you haven’t given a test drive. You might even want to consider getting an independent inspector involved.

The history
The car might work perfectly, but that doesn’t mean that you’re getting a thoroughly honest deal. For instance, an untrustworthy seller might be trying to sell you a car that has been stolen or has been written off from insurance providers in the past. But it’s easy to get the full story on any car. Know the make of the car and the registration number, and the DVLA can give you a full breakdown of its history.

The aesthetic
The look of a car, both inside and out, will always be a big selling point. However, if you’re letting a dent or a marked alloy put you off a car entirely, or ignoring it entirely, you’re not getting the full story. A fixed dent or an alloy wheel refurbishment could help you improve the value of the car. But it could also be a cost that takes you out of your budget. Make sure you take the time to consider the work the aesthetic might need and how that factors into the deal.

The hidden costs
Certain cars are going to have costs even beyond that. For instance, some of the hidden costs of buying yourself a luxury Volkswagen includes some steep prices on things like replacement parts. Not to mention the increased insurance on luxury vehicles. Make sure the deal on the used car discount isn’t way outweighed by potentially crippling costs of keeping the car. That goes for any car, not just VWs, of course.

If it all checks out, it all works, it fits your budget, and you can even improve its value, then you’re sure you’ve got a great deal. If any one of the points above is out of place, it might be worth considering other options.

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