Milla’s Mk2 Jetta


Milla Zinsser is no stranger to VW fans.  She’s one of the few people who enters the Nationals with her daily driv, what makes her stand out from the crowd even more is that fact that she’s well, a she.  Milla does all the race-prep herself and she’s more than capable of embarrassing guys with big egos on the drag strip.  Milla told us a bit about her racing;

“Last year was a good one for us. We ended up 2nd for Nationals, 2nd for Club champs, and 1st for Regionals! The car is the slowest in the field, but it’s very reliable and consistent. (And probably the only “Street Modified” 4-Cylinder that actually gets driven every day!). I’m planning on driving down to the South Coast for the 2nd round of Nationals in April too!  The best time I’ve ever done with the car was a 16.3-second pass in 2008 (but I still had my old gearbox then). We’ll be putting a new head on the car in the next month or so, the current set-up was done five years ago and it’s getting a bit tired.  The car looks a lot more standard these days, without all the ricey bits!”

Her Jetta runs on a 1900cc, MP9 injected lump with a nice 288 cam and the necessary branch and freeflow exhaust system.  She goes on to say “It has not been cut in any way and has a full interior, and can still make the South Coast with one tank (if I drive nicely).”  Keep an eye out for Milla’s car on the strip, it really is impressive, almost as imnpressive as the fact that in her spare time she’s building up a ’58 Chevy by herself!

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