MK4 Radiator Replacement DIY Tutorial



It is quite easy to replace the radiator if you follow the tutorial properly:

The very first thing is to place front of the car on jack stands firmly. To ensure safety disconnect the negative terminal on the battery.

Next step is to remove the front grill, bumper vents, side markers and lastly the bumper skin.

Remove the headlights by pulling them out slowly and disconnecting them from the harness. It should be noted that every light is held in by 4 torx screws (2 up top and 2 underneath). Finally disconnect the sensor and hood release cable.

In order to remove the bumper rebar, first unscrew the bolts and torx screw secured on the bumper rebar. Also, remove the screws that hold the radiator and a/c condenser and fans along with the 2 bolts on either side of the fenders.

Twist the drain valve and drain the radiator. Remember to place a bucket to collect the coolant and dispose of properly. Open the coolant ball to drain it off completely.

Just after the coolant is drained, disconnect the fan harness and the sensor on the radiator.

Lastly, squeeze the clamps with a pair of channel locks to disconnect the coolant hoses from the radiator and pull the hoses off the radiator ends.

Thanks FUBAR for sharing this DIY.

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