Modified Brazilian version of Volkswagen Up now on sale



The Brazilian version of the Volkswagen Up, which was launched over two years ago at the Frankfurt Motor Show, has finally reached showrooms this month. This new car is considered as the most important Volkswagen model being introduced in Brazil so far after the Beetle and the Gol.

Moreover, the Brazilian version of Volkswagen Up also broke the small car standard in the country. This is due to the fact that the car achieved the five-star Latin NCAP ratings for collisions from frontal and side as well as for child safety.

Even in terms of fuel consumption, the VW Brazil Up scores best. It has been termed as the lowest fuel consuming car under Brazilian ratings in the category of vehicles that are equipped-with air conditioning and power steering.

Not only this, the car also received the number one rank in repairability in terms of collisions in light front and rear. This is, however, at speeds up to 15km/h/9.2mph as measured by Brazilian CESVI, the Experimentation and Road Safety Centre.

After the Mercedes-Benz A Class being manufactured during 1999-2005, the Up is the second shortest car volume manufactured in Brazil. However, with a wheelbase of 2.42m/95.2in., the inside room of the car is adequate. The car allows comfortable seating arrangements for two in the back. Though the headroom is good enough, the rear knee room is somewhat poor.

The German carmaker made a lot of changes in the car being made for Brazil. The company used a mix of steel and glass to create the tailgate. Again, the rear side windows in five-door models roll down along with an increase in overall length.

The car gets more powerful air conditioning, along with the electric power steering as standard for all models except the base version.

In terms of price, the VW Brazil Up is priced low as compared to discontinued model of Gol Mk4 with airbags and ABS brakes.

The five-door version of the car is priced at BRL28,900/US$12,000, whereas the three-door, which is coming in two months, is priced at BRL26,900/$11,200.

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