Modified Volkswagen Touran: A New Family Car in the Row


Volkswagen Touran

Volkswagen is introducing a new MPV in the market, designed to suit the needs and uses of families, and has named its new addition as the Touran. A manufacturer that has always been known as a precision maker with simple but sturdy and lasting designs in its vehicles, Volkswagen is not disappointing its buyers again. Although there is not something awe-inspiring to expect in the new released member of the Volkswagen family, yet you must admit that it is one of the handsome vehicles in the contemporary market.

The new Touran is designed with a large glass area, the cut of the side windows are good enough to even provide an outside view to the kid sitting on the seat, the headlights are designed to connect the wide grille and it is a seven seated car. The amazing factor about the seats of the Touran is that these are foldable and when required, it can be used as a five seated car as well. The third row of the seats can be folded or removed completely to increase the space in the second row. So, this folding design not only increases legroom but also increases the space for luggage storage too.

The interior of the car has further more interesting features to be named that include facilities of folding tables on the seat backs along with under-floor storage bins and holders where the passengers can put their cups safely during their journey. The look and functions of the dashboard design and switchgear is kept just the same as it is always found in the Volkswagen vehicles.

With other notable specifications like a 1.2-litre TSI petrol with 103bhp and a 1.4-litre TSI petrol with 138bhp, a rear-view camera, a panoramic sunroof, satnav with touchscreen operation and automatic Light Assist systems, the Volkswagen Touran is a performer in the true sense. The first-generation Touran is all set to hit the market now with a target of some 1.13 million European sales.

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