New VW Beetle Mk2’s gets a slammed down body



This is for sure that the VW’s original Beetle has seen more of tuning and customizations than any of its successive models that came in the market. In terms of popularity the Beetle’s successors might not have tested the same amount of success as the original, however, they have received plenty of fine tuning offerings. The latest in question is the new Beetle Mk2 receiving tuning and customizing from German tuning and upgrading company, MR Car Design.

The Beetle Mk2 has been receiving different tunings and customizations since its production in 2011. However, the primary feature or the highlight of the tune for VW Beetle Mk2 remained its slammed down body. The low to the ground body of this new machine is mainly due to a fully electronic G-Ride air suspension. This fully automatic air suspension is fixed on both axles and can be adjusted by remote control.

To further the look, the tire size 225/35-19 has been fixed with new alloy wheels of 19-inch on all four corners. However, the rear badges, fog lights, and head-and tail-lamps are some features being removed from the new model.

The VW Beetle Mk2 is equipped with a 2.0-liter turbo diesel engine. Moreover, MR CarDesign offers an ECU upgrade boosting power to 207hp (210PS). Additionally, they upgraded the peak torque to 420Nm (310 lb-ft), and fixed a sports exhaust system to the new car. All these upgrades and fine tunes work towards enhancing the fresh look of Volkswagen’s Beetle Mk2.

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